Our Shop

Jimnettes is a MASSIVE 2000 m2 arts & crafts store that provides customers with the ultimate creative shopping experience. Our extensive selection of the very best international and local brands is what makes us the largest and greatest art store in South Africa!

Our store is divided into sections that are sure to have everything you could need. You can view all our specialist sections below.

Due to the fact that we stock such a wide variety of products, it is not possible to offer all of these in our online store. You are however, welcome to email us at online@jimnettes.com to enquire about any other products you may need.

Fine Art

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we have everything you need to indulge in your passion for art! From starter acrylics to top quality oil paints imported from Germany, you will find it all at Jimnettes. We also stock a wide range of painting mediums and drawing materials across dozens of well-loved brands. But don’t let that overwhelm you! We have a great selection of fine art and how-to books to help artists of every level unlock their potential.


Multiple rows of bright paper, lovely leather-bound books, and sparkling accessories will delight cut-and-pasters of all ages. Turn your scrapbook into a one-of-a-kind story book with thousands of treasures and trinkets. You won’t need to look anywhere else to help make your memories last forever.


Here you will find rows of brightly coloured craft paper, special hand-made paper, perfumed paper, envelopes, and the widest selection of quality mounting boards. Whether you’re making colourful birthday cards, shimmering silver wedding invitations, or triplex board constructions, we have everything you’ll need and more.

Fine Art Paper& Pads

We stock only the best and well-known paper brands and cater to every type of medium, as well as printer cartridge paper from 80-240g, black album paper, and fashion board. If you’re doing technical drawings, charcoal or pencil sketches, watercolour paintings or etchings, we have paper for you.

Kids Crafts

Countless fun activities to keep children busy! We have products and kits that are suitable for kids of all ages, and can even be enjoyed by adults. Helps your child’s creative and logical mind grow with fun science kits, building sets, play dough, crazy clay, paint-by-numbers, and lots more!

Canvas Wall

Need something to paint on? Look no further than our huge wall of canvases! Panel, stretch, and deep edge canvas in every size imaginable – From tiny 5cm ones to huge ones! We also have big rolls of unprinted canvas. Whatever works of art you will be creating, we have the canvas that is perfect for you.


Pencils, pens, erasers, tape, glue, staplers, scissors, and sharpeners! We have it all, for every purpose imaginable. This section also includes technical drawing tools, calligraphy, printable sticker-paper, inkjet & laser cartridge paper, and flip files


From hog-hair cheapies to pure Sable hairs. We have brushes to suit every need, and our wide quality range means that whatever medium you use as whatever level, you will find the best brushes to suit your pocket.


We stock a wonderful collection of books that cover all kinds of art-related activities. Our books are categorised under the following names: Fine Art, Fabric Crafts, Woodwork, Children’s, Cakes & Baking, Cartooning, Clay and Metal Works, Calligraphy, Painting, Beading, Scrap-booking, Home Improvement DIY, and General Design.

Cakes & Baking

If you want to make something, we can help you bake something delicious. We have everything you need to create fantastic deserts of every kind. We stock cookie cutters, cake pop moulds, food colour, and miscellaneous kitchenware. And we have a large selection of cake pans available for rent.


Our mosaic section offers a wide range of various-sized tiles, including single-colour tiles, glitter tiles, and gold-leaf tiles. Need to spice up your mosaic art? We have 100s of marvellous mosaic inserts for you to choose from. Here you will also find mosaic glues and accessories, and a variety of grouts and coloured grout pigments.

Wood Crafts

We have a whole wall covered with all kinds of wooden shapes and forms. If you are looking for something to paint, mosaic, or decoupage, this is where great ideas begin. We stock blank animal shapes, letters, numbers, kitchen-ware, stationary holders, frames, jewellery boxes, and so much more! We also have a small selection of Balsa wood and carving wood blocks.

Craft Paints

Come and experience the widest range of colour paint you’re ever seen! We stock good quality craft acrylic, as well as enamels, glass stain, ceramic paint, and fabric paints. This section is also home to modge podge and our famous Pratley Glo, along with a wide selection of antique crackles, sealers, varnishes, and other additional effects to make your projects unique and last forever! Craft paints are amazingly versatile, and can be used on wood, canvas, fabric, stone, plastic, and all sorts of other surfaces.

General Crafts

Whether you’re creating something specific, or are just looking for something new to do, we have a vast range of crafting materials, accessories, and kits to get your creative juices flowing. This section includes polystyrene shapes, pom-poms, magnet sheets, pipe-cleaners, coloured feathers, googly-eyes, bells, ribbon, glitter, foam sheets, and lots more!


All our glass is specially imported from leading international brands, making us the largest distributors of stained glass and hot glass supplies in South Africa. For stained glass, we have everything you need from solder and lead to flux and tools. For kiln work, we have a wide selection of frit, as well as enamels and washes.